spflashtool-mt6592If you’d like to know how to flash a ROM on MT6595, MT6592, MT6589, MT6572, MT6582, MT6577, you’re on the write post. Normally we refer people to this post, as the procedure is mostly the same. But for the sake of simplicity, we’ll write a stand-alone tutorial.

This will just be the bare bones tutorial. The full tutorial with required file links and images is posted at the forum here.

Note, if you don’t have access to a backup, create one first. Remember, we ARE NOT responsible for any hell that happens to your phone. You take any and all responsibility for messing with your phone.

What you’ll need:

  • MTK / MediaTek based smartphone
  • USB Data Cable
  • USB ADB VCOM drivers
  • SP Flash Tool
  • MTK Droid Tools (if scatter not included with ROM)

What to do:

  • Step 1 – Install the PDANet USB ADB VCOM drivers
  • Step 2 – If you don’t have a scatter file, you need to create one with MTK Droid Tools. (See how to create a scatter file)
  • Step 3 – Download, extract, and run the latest version of SP Flash Tools
  • Step 4 – Select load scatter file
  • Step 5 – Deselect ‘preloader’
  • Step 6 – Select ‘download’
  • Step 7 – Connect USB cable to phone and watch the pretty colors fly

That’s it. If it sounds easy, you’re good to go. If it sounds a bit difficult and you’d like further instructions, please see the tutorial on the forum, which includes images and more detailed instruction.