blu-lifeBlu Life is adding 4 new mobiles to their lineup. If you haven’t heard of Blu Life before, we’re not surprised. The brand generally doesn’t show up too often on China shops who cater to Western consumers, however now that they’re diversifying their lineup, the brand may become a bit more popular.

The four mobiles are Life One X, Life One M, Life Play X, Life Play S and the Life View Tab.

The Blu Life One X is the flagship model in the lineup and includes a 1080p Sharp [email protected]″, 1.5GHz MTK6589T, 2GB RAM, 13MP rear and 5MP front cameras. The body is aluminum and comes in two different colors – steel blue and white. The Blu Life One X will sell for $269 for the 16GB version, and $299 for the 32GB version.

Next up, the Blu Life One M. The Blue Life One M will also have a 1.5GHz MTK6589T SoC, as well as the same body as the Blu Life One X. However, the specs will be stepped down a bit to 720p, 12mp, and 4GB storage. Retail price of $199 is planned.

Also to be released are The Blu Life Play X and and Blu Life Play S. Both of these models will have 4.7″ LCDs@720p. Both phones will have 1GB RAM, the cameras will be 8MP rear/5MP front cameras, and will have 16GB storage. The Blu Life Play will have 1.5GHz MTK6589T SoC, while the Blu Life Play S will come with MTK6582. The Blu Life Play X will be retailing for $219, while the Blue Life Play S will retail for $199.

We really like what Blu Life is doing here. Releasing 4 models with different specifications and a range of prices. They generally release a quality product and it will be interesting to see where the brand goes from here.