Today we’ll be taking a look at the Android benchmarks scores of the MT6592 Zopo ZP980+, MT6592 H9008 / Mlais MX69T Pro and MT6582 iNew v3.

First up is infamous Antutu. Let’s take a look and see what we can glean from the results.

MT6592 H9008 / Mlais MX69T Pro Antutu

MT6592 H9008 / Mlais MX69T Pro Antutu. Total = 26638

MTK6592 Zopo ZP980+ Antutu

MTK6592 Zopo ZP980+ Antutu. Total = 25960

MTK6582 iNew V3 Antutu

MTK6582 iNew V3 Antutu. Total = 17121

First we’ll notice that while the CPU integer in H9008 is a step or two above the ZP980+, the ZP980+ CPU float point is a step above the H9008. It’s a very interesting result, as both are using the same CPU – MT6592. The differences could possibly be attributed to firmware optimization, but they’re not so much that either one should have you leaning one way the other. In terms of real standard use, or in terms of power use.

The iNew V3, as expected got left in the dust regarding Antutu CPU scores. The integer and float points scored half what the ZP980+ and H9008 did.

The multitask scores with both MT6592 phones were very similar, and again as expected, the iNew v3 gets blown away.

What’s interesting about these results, are the GPU scores when comparing the MT6582 to MT6592. Though the MT6592 has Mali-450 MP4 and the MT6582 has Mali-400 MP2, the scores are in the same ball park. Why is that? It’s an easy answer – resolution. The iNew V3 with MT6582 is pushing 720p as opposed to 1080p. That’s half the pixels.

What’s also interesting is how little the amount of RAM affected the scores when comparing the H9008 vs the Zopo zp980+. The H9008 has 2gb and the zp980+ has 1gb, but they both score well within the same ballpark. This would infer that the Antutu test doesn’t give a lot of weight, if any, to amount of RAM, that is unless the amount of RAM bottlenecks the tests. We’ve done articles in the past regarding 1gb vs 2gb, and for sure we’ll address this topic again in the near future.

Let’s read on and see what happens with the ever important NenaMark 2. We may end up surprised.

H9008 Nenamark 2 results

H9008 Nenamark 2 results

zp980+ Nenamark 2 results

zp980+ Nenamark 2 results

iNew v3 Nenamark 2 results

iNew v3 Nenamark 2 results

Very interesting. In this 3D benchmark, we have the zp980+ and H9008 neck and neck, with the iNew v3 comfortably beating them out. This in itself isn’t so interesting. What’s interesting is that the MT6592@1080 scored higher in Antutu, but got beat out in Nenamark 2.

It may not sound like a lot – 47 vs 53, but this is actually a 15% increase in score. Granted, the Nenamark 2 test is not the most complicated test. The technologies applied in the Antutu test are a step above, but this result does infer that the MT6582@720p will perform better than MT6592@1080p in at least some 3D tasks.

Next up is a newer test from one of the oldest players in the game – 3dMark, with their Ice Storm Ultimate. This is easily the most advanced test of the three tests presented here. Ice Storm Ultimate can be used across all devices – including PCs. Let’s see what happens.

H9008 - 3DMark Ice Storm

H9008 – 3DMark Ice Storm

ZP980+ - 3DMark Ice Storm

ZP980+ – 3DMark Ice Storm

iNew v3 - 3DMark Ice Storm

iNew v3 – 3DMark Ice Storm

Now we get down to the nitty gritty and see what these phones are really made of. There are several interesting points here. The first of which is even though the H9008 and the ZP980+ share the same SoC, the H9008 fairly dusted the ZP980+ in the physics test, scoring a full 5fps more, which is nearly 20% higher than what the ZP980+ scored (35fps vs 30fps). Interestingly, the iNew v3 held it’s own in the physics test when compared to the zp980+, scoring only 10% lower.

When it came to the non-physics based graphics tests, the zp980+ and H9008 were neck and neck, but the iNew v3 didn’t fair well at all in comparison. It was clearly visible as the test was running. Both the zp980+ and H9008 ran the tests smooth as butter, while the iNew v3 struggled. We can see that in the FPS results in Graphics test 1 and Graphics test 2.

When it comes to advanced graphics and the most modern games with the newest technologies and games of the near future, the iNew v3 falls well behind. The results are so different than what came up in Antutu 3D, that we questioned whether the test was run at 1080p on the iNew v3, however re-running the test in 720p mode produced similar results.

Which is the winner? It looks like the H9008, but it’s not a clear cut answer. Real world results will vary based on the complexity and graphics technologies used in the tasks / games you’re running. In simpler 3D tasks, the Nenamark 2 results show the iNew v3 may perform even better than the zp980+ and H9008.

With modern 3D games, based on the Antutu results, it looks like the the zp980+ and H9008 will perform about the same, with the iNew v3 not too far behind. While games with cutting edge graphics will leave the iNew v3 hurting. Any physics based tasks / games will have the H9008 at a distinct advantage based on the results shown by Ice Storm.

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