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thl-5000-4THL, one of the mature players in the China phone game has really stepped up to the plate with some great phones recently. The THL W200S has been quite popular, combining a slick, light form with solid all around performance and excellent GPS. The THL T11 has a big 2750mA battery and 1900MHz WCDMA, which makes the THL T11 the perfect phone for Americans.

Now THL is pushing the game even further with the ridiculously huge batteried THL 5000. The THL 5000 will have all the goodies and then some. OTG and NFC are just the beginning. According to the image, the THL will have a gravity sensor, gyroscope and THL will be using an NXP audio box op-amp chip. Great news for audiophiles if the tout becomes fact.

From wikipedia:

An operational amplifier (op-amp) is a DC-coupled high-gain electronic voltage amplifier with a differential input and, usually, a single-ended output.[1] In this configuration, an op-amp produces an output potential (relative to circuit ground) that is typically hundreds of thousands of times larger than the potential difference between its input terminals.

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THL 5000 review LCD

The THL 5000 has a 5.0″ LCD@1080p. 1920×1080 with a PPI of 440 makes it beyond retina. The front glass will be Gorilla Glass 3.

THL 5000 review camera

The camera on the THL 5000 will be 5MP front and 13MP Sony IMX 135 back. Excellent to see them taking photography seriously. The recent THL phones have been above average in the camera department, but the Sony IMX135 will be an even greater step up.

The Sony IMX135 is part of the CMOS Exmor RS series. It’s a true 13.13 effective megapixels. The Sony IMX135 supports RGBW coding and HDR movies.thl-5000-760_05.png

From Sony officials regarding IMX135:

The ‘RGBW coding’ function can capture sharp, clear images even when filmed or photographed in low light conditions, such as a dark room or at night by featuring W (white) pixels in addition to conventional RGB (red-green-blue) pixels, and leveraging Sony’s proprietary device technology and signal processing to heighten sensitivity without compromising its high resolution.

‘HDR (High Dynamic Range) movie’ function enables two different exposure conditions to be configured within a single screen when shooting, and seamlessly performs appropriate image processing to generate optimal images with a wide dynamic range and brilliant colors, even when pictures are taken against bright light.

THL 5000 review design

The THL 5000 features a quite square portrait, but without the sharp corners of the THL T11. The back piece is textured similar to Note 3. The profile is 8.9mm, though whether this is the very edge measurement or the thickest part of the phone remains to be seen

THL 5000 review battery

The THL 5000 battery will be a megantic 5000mA. From the early shots of the phone, it looks as if the battery is sealed inside. Not surprising and not a problem for such a huge battery. There could be an issue a couple of years down the road when the battery has lost it’s ability to maintain a decent charge, but by that time it will likely be time for a phone upgrade.thl-5000-760_03.png

The battery in the THL 5000 is touted by THL as being Li-ion using a silicone conductive polymer anode. Using silicone as opposed to graphite enables a battery to contain up to 10x the energy density.

This phone provided by Gearbest. Many of their phones will discount with code “chinaphonearena”.

This is fairly ground-breaking technology and it will be very interesting to see if it’s just the regular China brand game to gain hype or if the THL 5000 truly will contain the new tech. Regardless of the phone containing the touted tech, a 5000mA battery in a 8.9mm 5.0″ phone is a stupendous feat and THL is known for producing quality phones.

4 / 5 stars     

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