THL has been using MTK processors for awhile now. All the way from mtk6573 to mtk6575, up to the dual core mtk mt6577 / mtk6577. The THL W3 and THL W12 just recently upgraded to mtk mt6577 / mtk6577.

Now they’ll be upgrading the W1 to mtk mt6577 / mtk6577 as well as releasing a new model dubbed the THL W6. The W1 will remain similar in appearance to it’s single-core predecessor.







GizBeat is really liking the looks of both the W1 and W6. Maybe the W6 a bit big for my tastes, but liking it none the less.

The W1 and W6 are quite similar in specifications, though the W6 boasts a significantly bigger battery and LCD, as well as 2.0mp front camera as opposed to .3 in the W1. Both models come with 1GB RAM.

[table caption="THL W1 and W6 Comparison - Specs"]



OS:,Android 4.0,Android 4.0



LCD:,4.3″ 960*540,5.3″ 960*540