Just 3 days ago Qualcomm released its new quad-core CPUs – the Snapdragon S4 MSM8225Q and MSM 8625Q.

It’s a bit strange that Qualcomm chose “MSM”, but choose it they did. Both of these CPUs are part of Qualcomm’s budget “Play” line of mobile CPUs.

MTK mt6588 / MTK6588 will be Cortex-A7, while Qualcomm is going with Cortex-A5. Both these decisions are based, in part, towards reducing power consumption.

That they both have chosen a less power hungry architecture, and are using 28nm process, should make strides towards giving us significantly longer battery life.

Keep in mind, many of us are relying on and using our smartphones for more and more tasks, and Android software is becoming more complex, so depending on your use, some of us may not notice a difference in battery life. But given the same usage, GizBeat would guess we’ll see at least a 20% increase.

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