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New Graphical Easy MTK6592 / MTK6582 / MTK6575 / MTK6577 / MTK6589 / MTK6589T Root Released!

root-mtk6589tIt’s been a couple months, but a new version of the Graphical Easy Root has been released. This should include many of the newer MTK6589T phones, and older MTK6589 and MTK6577 phones, that weren’t in the previous versions. Read more →

Graphical Easy Root MTK6592 MTK6582 MTK6589 MTK6577 MTK6575!

root-mtk6589We recently posted a tutorial on how to root MTK6589. We’ve now come across a new root method that is compatible with a whopping 122 MTK phones and should work with many others, as many MTK phones use ported and similar ROMs. This Graphical Auto-Root is also compatible with MTK6575, MTK6577 and most likely older versions of MTK chipset as well. Read more →

TWRP CWM Recovery and Root MTK6592 MTK6582 MTK6589!


About a month back I wrote a tutorial on how to root MTK6589. While the same basic idea applies, I’ve upgraded the tutorial a bit with new tools and a different root file.

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How To Change File Permissions Through ADB

Gizbeat has come across a situation where a chinaphonearena user is soft-bricked and can’t boot into Android. I believe this is due to the permission settings on the build.prop file.

He can still boot into recovery and is already rooted. So here’s a good chance to write a tutorial on how to change file permissions through ADB should the need arise.

The tutorial will cover this specific situation of doing it through recovery, Read more →

Auto Root MTK6592 MTK6582 MTK6572 MTK6589!

root_mtk6589_mediatekThere are several auto-root tools that work with older MTK devices and older versions of Android, but up until a couple days ago, there was no Auto-Root option for MTK6589 and the newer android versions (4.1/4.2)
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MTK6592 / MTK6582 / MTK6575 / MTK6577 / MTK6589 ADB VCOM PDAnet Drivers!

root_mtk6589 The first step to rooting your MTK6589 phone or installing a new ROM or recovery is getting the ADB VCOM drivers installed properly.

Gizbeat put up a tutorial half a year back about PDAnet drivers for your MediaTek / MTK 6575 / MTK6577 smartphones. Now PDAnet ADB drivers will work with your MTK6589 phone as well. Read more →

Gizbeat 101 – Root Your 4.2.1 MTK6589 Hero 7500+ / Zopo ZP800H / ZP810 / ZP950H / ZP950+

root-mtk6589-hero-h7500+Beginners, please read this full tutorial as well – It explains some of these steps in more detail.

NOTE: This assumes you are starting fresh, or willing to start fresh with a new Flashable ROM and that you’ve already got it downloaded and extracted. Read more →

Tutorial / How To Root MTK6592 MTK6582 MTK6572 MTK6589!

root-mtk6589-hero-h7500+Note, the general process will be the same for most MTK phones, however do NOT use a scatter or recovery that isn’t made specifically for your phone. The recoveries included are for Hero H7500+/Zopo ZP800H/Zopo ZP810/Zopo ZP950H and exact clones of these phones. I’ve also written a newer post here

I take no responsibility for whatever evil may come to your phone from attempting to follow this procedure. Read more →