Doogee BL5000 features 4GB 64GB and a very unique style

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Doogee has come out with some very interesting looking mobiles in the Mix and the BL5000. Their latest, the BL5000 takes on a Samsung Edge style, but with a softer, longer curve to the glass, and the LCD is not curved as it is with the Samsung.

The back is very shimmery and loves playing with light. Overall a very unique looking mobile. It’s been problem free and I’ve enjoyed it so far.

WiFi is great and GPS is very strong. The display is top notch with excellent color pop and super smooth small text.

The full review will be at, but for now, check out the specs and first few pictures of the phone.

Doogee BL5000 specs

  • MT6750T (4 Cortex-A53@1.5GHz + 4 Cortex-A53@1.0GHz)
  • Mali-T860@650MHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB ROM storage
  • Dual-SIM or Single-SIM+SD
  • OTG
  • 2G 850/900/1800/1900
  • 3G 900/2100
  • 4G 1/3/7/8/20
  • 5.5″@1080P
  • 5050mAh
  • 12V Pump Express charging

Doogee BL5000 camera review image samples

The BL5000 puts out images adequate for social sharing, they look quite good at Facebook timeline size, but viewing them at bigger than 1MP shows they’re hitting the threshold of what’s acceptable in a $150 phone.

HDR shots generally aggressively brighten images, but can be fixed in post processing by making a few adjustments in Snapseed or similar.

All images in the gallery below are unedited except for resize and save at 85%. One shot I really like is the vertical purple flower.

If you’re interested in seeing the pics a bit bigger, head over to the Flickr galleries (opens in a new tab). When you click on an image at Flickr, click again to enlarge and allow several seconds for the image to progressively load fully.

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