Meiigoo Note 8 review. 4 reasons to stay away.

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Regardless of any redeeming qualities the Meiigoo Note 8 may have, this is a phone to cross of your list unless you see it available for $130 or less. Even at $130 it would be tough to recommend.

4 reasons to stay away from Meiigoo Note 8

  • Price. This phone is selling for $189 at Banggood and $169 at GearBest. Way, way too much. At $130 it could be considered.
  • Display. While 1080P, the Meiigoo Note 8’s colors are sadly lacking any sort of depth. Very flat color palette.
  • Style. In three words — plastic plastic plastic. In some cases plastic can be very nice looking, but not so with the Meiigoo Note 8.
  • SoC/CPU. MT6750T is simply getting long in the tooth (old). Fine for phones in $130 or under, but at this price it’s unacceptable, being that there are no other standout redeemable qualities.

I won’t waste your time or mine going further; way too many great options out there in this price range.

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