Ulefone Vienna review 3GB 32GB 3250mAh with Sharp AUO display

Ulefone is one of our favorite China brands. They make phones with solid physical build and generally bug free OS. In the Ulefone Vienna, we get a huge 3gb RAM and a big 32gb storage.

Ulefone Power review 3GB 6050mAh 1080P monster battery mobile

The Ulefone Power review is our first review of a Ulefone in 2016. They shook things up a bit with the Ulefone Be Touch, which was one of the slimmest, slickest looking mobiles of it’s time, and still can be considered a great looking phone. The WiFi on the Ulefone Power is superb. The standout feature of the the Ulefone Power is it’s megantic 6050mAh battery. Later in the review we...[Read More]

THL T7 review 3GB RAM on a budget

The THL T7 review is one we have looked forward to. We’ve seen brands come and go, and a plethora of brands new to the game. THL is one of the few long-standing China brands that have been around since the beginning, almost always making solid phones. They don’t release a lot of different models as with the new-age China brands, but slowly and surely, one at a time putting out winners....[Read More]