Oukitel K3 looks great, has a 6000mAh battery, fast charging, and 4GB 64GB

Oukitel K3 review summary Oukitel has created a very good phone in the K3 It’s got very good battery life, excellent WiFi, and is very well put together True 6000mAh battery Battery temp sensor not working (Oukitel notified and working on the issue) Some soft areas in one corner of photos I can recommend the K3 to users looking for a fast charging, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, big battery mobile Oukit...[Read More]

Bluboo S1 with Mix style 4GB RAM and 64GB storage

Bluboo S1 Review The S1 is Bluboo’s attempt to enter the arena of bezel-less Mix type mobiles. Currently this group also includes the Doogee Mix, which we recently reviewed, and the Leagoo KIICAA Mix.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime review. This phone needs to be on your shortlist.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime review While the Xiaomi Redmi Note series has been hit or miss, with weak battery life in the Redmi Note 2, and the short life of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 MTK version, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro is excellent and the smaller Redmi non-Note phones have been solid picks.

Zuk Z2 Plus is the most affordable Snapdragon 820 phone with USA and Global LTE

Zuk Z2 Plus review screen-on time of 10 hours 40 minutes. This score is incredible… The Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus has the distinction of being the most affordable Snapdragon 820 mobile on the market, which makes this powerful mobile immediately appealing.

Full Nomu S10 review. A budget IP68 phone for the shortlist.

Nomu has released a new series of tough smartphones, the S10, S20, and S30. The S10 is the most inexpensive model in the series, but don’t count it out– The Nomu S10 may be budget priced, but it carries several specs rarely seen on devices this cheap.

64GB Xiaomi Redmi Pro review with Helio X25 MTK6797T and dual rear cameras

Helio X25 MTK6797T Redmi Pro review The Redmi Pro is Xiaomi’s new mid-priced mobile. That is, it wouldn’t be considered a budget device by the China phone crowd, but it wouldn’t be considered a flagship either. In our eyes, this is the upgrade to Redmi Note 3 Pro, as the Redmi Note 4 Pro carries nothing new other than a bit more powerful SoC and higher Antutu score. MTK6797T Redm...[Read More]

Leagoo M5 review – 2GB 16GB ultra budget mobile with American 3G

Prices are crashing, and Leagoo has entered the arena with the ultra-budget Leagoo M5. For an incredibly low $69.99 we get a 720P display, 2GB RAM, and 16GB storage, from a brand with a long history in consumer electronics.

Leagoo T1 review MT6737M impressive specs for the price

The MTK6737M Leagoo T1 is Leagoo’s latest budget mobile following up the excellent Leagoo M5. There is also a Leagoo T1 Plus (T1+), which carries most of the same specs as the Leagoo T1, but whereas the Leagoo T1 has a 5.0” display, the Leagoo T1+ has a 5.5” display. In comparison to the Leagoo M5 with MTK6580A, the Leagoo T1 has the fairly newly released MediaTek MTK6737M. Leagoo T1 review ...[Read More]

Umi Max review 4000mAh 3GB 16GB Sharp LTPS display

UMi Max review Helio P10 MTK6755 The UMi Max is UMi’s “Super Lite”. That is, it’s got the exact same body of the UMi Super, but with lowered specs and price point. UMi Max review display One of the highlights of UMi’s recently released mobiles is the display. Used as well in the UMi Max, the display is a Sharp brand 5.5@1080P display. The only slight negative of this ...[Read More]

iNew U9+ Plus review 6 inch budget mobile

Full iNew U9 Plus review, including GPS, WiFi, display, iNew U9 Plus Antutu, and buying recommendation. It could be argued that iNew put budget non-international China phones on the map. The iNew V3 was a great looking device for its time. Slim, and with a unique look to it, not the least of which was the cool “evil-eye” home button. In the iNew U9 Plus, iNew attempts to bring us a meg...[Read More]

Cubot Max review 6 inch display 3gb 32gb budget mobile

Just as Ulefone bit off “Metal” from Meizu, Cubot has bit off “Max” from Xiaomi. No big deal. Cubot is bringing something great to the table — a 3gb RAM 32gb ROM mobile with a big 4100mAh battery. Cubot has been around for quite awhile now and can be considered one of the veteran China brands. Cubot Max unboxing One of the positives of many mid-range China phones is t...[Read More]

Ulefone Metal review

Full REAL Ulefone Metal review. Includes Ulefone Metal Antutu, GPS, Ulefone Metal camera samples, WiFi, OS fluidity, Ulefone Metal battery life SOT, charging, and more. while the charger that comes with the Ulefone Metal is rated at 5V 1A charging, the phone itself is capable of at least up to 5.3V 2A charging. Ulefone Metal build and style The Ulefone Metal is very solidly built. There are no cre...[Read More]