Pipo W1S review 4GB 64GB Intel Cherry Trail Surface killer

The Pipo W1S review is one we’ve been looking forward to writing since it was announced in Q4 2015. Specwise it competes directly with Onda Obook 10 and Chuwi Hi10.

Onda Obook 10 review 4GB 64GB tablet

Onda Obook 10 build and style The unit we received is the gold / champagne colored model. Both the tablet and the docking keyboard carry modern tapered style going from thick at the back to thin at the front.

Chuwi Hi10 review 4GB 64GB Surface Destroyer

It’s a challenge finding the perfect combination of power, portability, and price in a mobile work machine. The majority of tablets run Android; with these we are often stuck without critical apps needed to complete specific tasks. Many of the machines that run Windows, such as the Microsoft Surface, while very capable, are expensive. Just within the last year or so, the fabrication process ...[Read More]