Gizbeat 101: GPS Not Working On MTK6592 MTK6582 MTK6589 MTK6577 MTK6575!

gps-mtk6589-mtk6577-mtk6575Among all the topics that come up on the forum, issues with GPS not working are the most numerous. Rather than typing out the same suggestions over and over again, I’ve decided to make a tutorial to refer to people that may take care of some basic questions and solutions to get GPS working again on MTK6589 MTK6577 MTK6575.

First thing that needs to be known is this is not a Garmin stand-alone GPS. It’s a $20 chip with a whole bunch of other things on it as well. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be functional. It just means that you shouldn’t expect to always have lightning quick, perfect access to 3G. If you do expect that, you will be disappointed. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the show.

Steps to get your 3G up and running:

  1. Go to Settings > Google > Location Settings and make sure ‘Let Google apps access your location’ is ON.
  2. In this same area you will see a box at the bottom of the dialog that says ‘Location Access’ tap it. (alternatively, access this area by going to Settings > Location access. Make sure ‘Access to my location’, ‘GPS satellites’ and ‘Wi-fi & mobile network location’ are all checked / toggled on.
  3. In Settings > Location access, tap the words ‘GPS satellites’. Enable ‘GPS EPO assistance’. Make sure you have internet on, go into ‘EPO settings’ and download EPO data.
  4. Enable AGPS GPS in the same menu.
  5. If you’re rooted, download ‘Faster GPS’ and set your location. This is good for helping with a quick first lock, however after the first lock, the program basically becomes useless unless you change countries.
  6. Download ‘GPS Test’ from Play. In GPS Test App, tap menu / settings > check screen always on.
  7. Go outside for up to 15 minutes and watch the pretty little bars go up and down until you get a lock, or put your phone outside. Subsequent locks should be quicker. Especially if you do it within a short time after the cold lock.
  8. If you still can’t get a lock, you can attempt to delete mtkgps.dat in /data or /data/misc. This method was initially suggested by MayhemVC. After you delete and reboot, your phone will remake the mtkgps.dat file.
  9. Let us know your result on and post your results here as well along with the phone model you’re using.


45 comments on “Gizbeat 101: GPS Not Working On MTK6592 MTK6582 MTK6589 MTK6577 MTK6575!

  1. Philip says:

    Thanks a lot!Worked for me! Devices iOcean x7 and Star x290.Super!

    • Ron says:

      Hi Philip,
      Did you rooted your iocean x7? or added antenna for recive GPS signals?

      • mtk6577 says:

        if you have epo files download problem,
        it maybe a tcp/ip connection problem. For mtk 6577 phone it helped to ping with a pc while downloading epo file with the phone. It uses ftp to fetch files with these settings:

        FTP server:
        Port: 21
        Login: epo_alps
        Password: epo_alps

        It also may help to delete epo files with Root File Manager before downloading.

  2. plumpo says:

    Star N9700 – Still not good enough, i’m afraid. After the cold lock its faster but i still have to wait for that first lock of the day, or after the phone has been restarted. this one’s going back. Thanks anyway.

    • Damian Parsons says:

      Unfortunately this is standard for MTK GPS. If you require better, you might want to try a Qualcomm based solution.

      This tutorial isn’t so much about improving GPS as it is about testing and making sure it’s working.

  3. Arie says:

    Most phones I like have a MTK proc, so I guess it will have to do, but before I get one I was wondering, when and how long do you have to wait untill GPS is working? Given you have done all steps above. There is something one time a day or?

    • Damian Parsons says:

      Generally, the very first lock without AGPS can sometimes take quite a few minutes. But after that first lock, a cold lock without AGPS will take anywhere from 30 seconds-4 minutes. Then if turning on your GPS shortly after that cold lock, it should lock within 30 seconds. Usually like 5-15 seconds or so. If you use AGPS, the cold locks should be much faster – like 2-15 seconds, but this requires a data connection.

      If you don’t have an always on 2G/3G connection, you can also get your cold lock with AGPS help at your house/office/cafe and then subsequent locks within a short period will be very fast even without the AGPS turned on.

  4. raingods says:

    Works for me, thanks.

  5. sam says:

    Do the gps work if gps chip is available..

  6. ted says:

    It works really nice. fast and reliable.
    Thank you very much indeed.

  7. hiok says:

    well it work better then before, gain a MTK phone value, tq for share.

  8. Shlomo says:


    I have the Feiteng H9500, unrooted.

    Is it no dangerous to root it? and then make what you show on your video?

    means, after step 4 I have to root the phone and then step 5…


    • Damian Parsons says:

      No, the quick root solutions are not dangerous. Flashing a custom recovery can be though, if the wrong recovery is used.

  9. Salvador says:

    Shlomo have your Feitang H9500 fixed now? i have one tried all king of fix and still don work.

  10. roxanne says:

    I downloaded faster gps but when i clicked on region i cant find Malta anywhere :( what can i do?

  11. Erik says:

    Step 3, download EPO data, consequently fails (EPO update failure). What now? (CUBOT GT99)

  12. Ken c says:

    Thx for the advise on app “Faster GPS” to set my location. Now my GPS works fine on my phone F9006 mtk6582 / :-) Ken

  13. phazer says:

    i have a star hd-89 and it doesnt solve my problems
    do you have any hardwarefix idea?

  14. vinch says:

    Thx Damian. very helpfull.
    the probelm I have with my new thl t200 is that the gps position is changing continuosly even if I am in sit down. and when I use any sport app to create a track, even I don’t move the app is creating a track as I was running 1 km already.
    Any suggestion? thx

  15. alanthehat says:

    have you any more suggestions, Damian? My Star N9599T isn’t fixing on satellites even though it can see 11..21 indoors & up to 31 outdoors

  16. Boris says:

    I have had a few MTK phones before and I could always find EPO and A-GPS Settings under Location Sources. I now have a Jiayu G5S – MTK6592 and there is no EPO and A-GPS settings at all. Clicking on “GPS satellites” under Location Sources does not open the EPO settings. I have tried with MobileUncle and most of the EPO settings are missing there too. I only get “EPO(DOWNLOAD)” buttons which seems to do nothing. Its really bizarre and my GPS have not yet managed to lock not even once. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Damian Parsons says:

      In my experience, messing with the GPS settings doesn’t do much good other than enabling AGPS. I recommend you restore to factory GPS defaults, delete mtkgps.dat, set country in fastergps app. Then leave it outside for 20 minutes with gpstest app on and set to not turn off screen. If this doesn’t fix the problem, it could be an antenna or other hardware issue.

      • Boris says:

        Thanks for your reply, Damian. Leaving it by the window for a while actually helped. Are you saying that I dont really need the EPO settings at all? I was about to root and try a different ROM hoping that those setting would appear in Location Sources. Problem is there is still no custom ROMs available for this model yet as far as i can see…

        • Damian Parsons says:

          Did you get a lock? The first cold lock can take up to 10-15 minutes. Subsequent cold locks shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes. The EPO should automatically be doing it’s thing and updating regularly. Some phones have EPO and AGPS taken out of settings so people can’t mess with it. My THL T11 and THL W200S don’t have it in Android settings either.

          • Boris says:

            I see. That makes me feel a bit better;] Yes, i did get a lock after about 10mins. Cold locks after that take about a minute. Me happy! Thanks again for your help!

  17. sellami says:

    hi Boris,
    first Sory for my english,
    I use exactly the same phone as you (JIAYU G5S) and have exaclty the same problem,
    I am in france and never arrived to fix the GPS.
    can you help me please,
    tanks a lot

  18. Nita says:

    This only work with wi-fi or network connected?
    I was wondering if is there any way of this work without then.
    Thank you

  19. Bruno Grilo says:

    I did all this on my iNEW V3 and no first lock on sattelites, then I tryed to add an aluminion foil next to the gps antenna and finally worked. Hope this helps someone out there.

  20. Abhi says:

    Hi Damian,

    You are doing a great job – keep it up.
    Can you pls help me as well. I cannot find the data/misc folder , where is it?
    I want to copy the epo files.
    When I connect my phone to the PC, i can only find the data folder which is inside the internal storage (1.79GB), but there is no misc folder inside. can you help pls.

    • abraham says:

      bare in mind: to see files that are under /system or /data/misc (and other system folder) you will need some root file explorer. Regular file explorers will show those folders as “empty” even though they are not. for example ES File Explorer has special setting to enable root actions.

      • Abhi says:

        @abraham: I rooted my phone and now I can see the misc folder, but i can see only on phone (using “Root Browser” APP)How can I see this MISC folder on the PC?DO i need a 3rd party software on PC to view these folders?

  21. Damian Parsons says:

    You can skip that step. It only speeds things up a bit for the first lock.

    • Abhi says:

      But my GPS is always on “Searching” it can’t even lock to any satellites… please can you help?I have downloaded EPO files onto misc folder but when i try to do AGPS restart – it doesn’t lock to any satellite in fact it does nt show any satellite when scanning.,, please someone help…

      • Damian Parsons says:

        For this I would recommend deleting mtkgps.dat. /data/misc/mtkgps.dat You will need to be rooted to do it. I can not promise it will fix the issue, but it has solved the constant searching for me and others in the past.

        If it does not solve the problem, the issue may be hardware. Your antenna may not be making proper contact. There are several threads about antenna modification at

  22. Howard says:

    Hi, Just wanted to say that I followed the suggestions above on a Jiyau G4 Advanced and all works fine. It took a while to find the first fix but after that GPS locks on very quickly. The biggest difference I have made is to use the Faster GPS to change the server address as the phone was set to Asia/China before changing to Europe/UK.
    Hope this helps someone else out there.

  23. mordi34 says:

    Thanks so much! Looks like FasterGPS has made a lot of positive difference! Worththe root, thanks again!

  24. Hector says:

    Hi Damian,

    You are doing a great job – keep it up.

    I now have a iOcean X8 Mini – MTK6582 and there is no EPO and A-GPS settings at all. Clicking on “GPS satellites” under Location Sources does not open the EPO settings. I have tried with MobileUncle and most of the EPO settings are missing there too. I only get “EPO(DOWNLOAD)” buttons which seems to do nothing.
    I can’t find the mtkgps.dat and my GPS have not yet managed to lock not even once. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Damian Parsons says:

      Some models have these options hidden in settings, but they should still be seen in engineering mode. There are not many settings for EPO. Mainly just the “Download button”.

      Are you rooted? You won’t be able to delete the mtkgps.dat unless you are rooted. Anyways, this is a last resort option.

      There is an app on Play called MT GPS EPO Fix that should do the downloading of the EPO for you. Give that a go.

      Also, don’t forget to leave your phone outside for 15 min or so with the GPS Test app on and set to “keep screen on”. For the first lock it can take quite a while. It “shouldn’t” take that long, but occasionally it can.

      • Hector says:

        Yes, i’m rooted. I have searched that options all around the settings and downloaded the GPS EPO FIX, and all still the saeme.
        The other day, i was nearly an hour on my motorbike and the phone on it, and nothing. The phone looked 11 satellites, but didnt be able to lock any.

        Im lost….

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