MediaTek is expecting to surpass Q1 revenue in Q2. Their target is 90 million units for Q2 with a revenue of 18.2 billion USD. Products with LTE are expected to sell 15 million units.

Of the 80 million units sold in Q1, MTK6592 made up 10% of these.

The real news everyone’s waiting for is a solid release date for MTKs 64-bit SoCs MT6732 & MT6752 and the upcoming MT6595 and LTE MT6290.

MT6595 has already passed certification in China, so in line with what I’ve previously reported, we should start to see MT6595 & LTE/4G MT6290 products released for retail sale within Q3. MT6732 & MT6752 have a scheduled release of Q4.

While 64-bit and MT6595 sound great, what I’m most excited about is MT6290. MT6290 will be backwards compatible with MT6592 and MT6582, which means that manufacturers will be able to integrate the MT6290 with no changes to hardware other than swapping the RF modem chip.

Initially, there was some confusion regarding MT6595 and 64-bit future offerings from MTK. The CPU in MT6732 and MT6752 are based on ARM Cortex-A53 which is built to work with Mali GPUs. There were rumors going back and forth about which GPU would be used. It turns out MediaTek officially will be using the PowerVR series 6. This is excellent news, as the Mali GPUs in the MT6582 and MT6592, while adequate, were not exactly awe inspiring in terms of power and battery economy.

The official specifications for MT6752 are:

  • CPU: 8-core [email protected]
  • GPU: Mali T760
  • Camera: Integrated 16mp processing
  • Modem: Rel. 9, Category 4 FDD and TDD LTE (150 Mb/s downlink, 50 Mb/s uplink) 3GPP Rel. 8, DC-HSPA+ (42 Mb/s downlink, 11 Mb/s uplink), TD-SCDMA and EDGE are supported for legacy 2G/3G networks

From MediaTek official:

“The MT6752 is part of our commitment to provide high performance yet cost effective solutions, accelerating the global demographic and cultural transformation for the Super-mid market. We continue to democratize technology as previously seen in the TV and DVD industries. We launched world’s first true octa-core solution in November 2013 and now we continue to extend our lead to deliver on our vision to make the world a more inclusive place,”
The MT6752 platform will be commercially available early Q3 of 2014, with a complete reference design and mass production in Q4.

While we’re on the topic of MediaTek, let’s take a moment to review their website. It’s interesting, though not unexpected, to note that they are without a doubt gunning for worldwide dominance. The front page of MediaTek English shows a long-haired blue-eyed techy looking fellow.mediatek-reviewClicking ‘read more’ brings us to a page with a header image showing the above mentioned fellow along with a couple of Asians and a girl of apparently African descent. With the Asian girl in front of course.

mediatek-review2In the sidebar we have the MediaTek campaign photo featuring the requisite blue-eyed blond-haired cute little baby along with a girl of apparently African descent, what looks to be a middle-eastern Muslim guy and a somewhat techy looking red-haired girl.

mediatek-review4Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a smart campaign and if I were MediaTek, I’d likely be taking the same approach to multicultural marketing of my product.



getting showered, dressed up, putting a bit of cologne on and strapping on your fancy watch, yet not brushing your teeth

The most telling thing about MediaTek and their mentality though — You guessed it, no favicon. Astonishing an international corporation would go to such lengths with their campaigns and do 15 billion revenue in Q1 2014 alone, yet can’t be bothered to put a favicon on their site.

It’s analogous to getting showered, dressed up, putting a bit of cologne on and strapping on your fancy watch, yet not brushing your teeth. For all the excitement and affordability China tech brings to the scene, there is an element of disturbing thoughtlessness that goes along with the mentality coming out of China.