Xiaomi Mi5 review 3GB 64GB 1080P Xiaomi flagship mobile

Xiaomi Mi5 review WiFi WiFi on the Mi5 is excellent, maintaining a fast, stable connection at 44m / 144ft from a $20 home router with a cinder block wall between them. Xiaomi Mi5 review display The display on the Xiaomi Mi5 is 5.15″@1080p, which gives us a ppi of 428. This is beyond retina and looks great on a 5.15″ mobile. There is some very minor threshold vignetting at the right sid...[Read More]

Ulefone Power review 3GB 6050mAh 1080P monster battery mobile

The Ulefone Power review is our first review of a Ulefone in 2016. They shook things up a bit with the Ulefone Be Touch, which was one of the slimmest, slickest looking mobiles of it’s time, and still can be considered a great looking phone. The WiFi on the Ulefone Power is superb. The standout feature of the the Ulefone Power is it’s megantic 6050mAh battery. Later in the review we...[Read More]

$69 2GB RAM Bluboo Picasso review

Bluboo Picasso review style and build The Bluboo Picasso is all plastic, but looks great. The sides are brushed to make it appear as brushed metal, and it’s not possible to tell that it’s plastic unless looking very closely at the corners where the tiny seams lie. Bluboo did a great job designing the Picasso

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