Oukitel K3 looks great, has a 6000mAh battery, fast charging, and 4GB 64GB

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Oukitel K3 review summary

  • Oukitel has created a very good phone in the K3
  • It’s got very good battery life, excellent WiFi, and is very well put together
  • True 6000mAh battery
  • Battery temp sensor not working (Oukitel notified and working on the issue)
  • Some soft areas in one corner of photos
  • I can recommend the K3 to users looking for a fast charging, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, big battery mobile

Oukitel K3 review

The first thing you will notice about the Oukitel K3 is its unique styling. In a world of slim iPhonesque phones, Ouikitel bucks the trend and goes for a decidedly entirely different look. It has been compared to the Sony Xperia, but the similarity is only passing. Make no mistake, this is a big phone, but that may not be a bad thing.

Included in the box is an extra screen guard, fast charger, USB cable, SIM key, and OTG cable.

Standout specs of the K3

  • IPS OGS Sharp brand display
  • Includes compass and gyroscope
  • 6000mAh battery
  • 9V 2A charging
  • Very unique styling
  • Samsung S5K3L8 13MP camera sensor (Same sensor as Redmi Note 3 Pro, Redmi Note 4)
  • Auto-focusing front camera
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB ROM

Oukitel K3 camera

According to Oukitel, the sensor is S5K3L8, which is a good sensor.  There is some heavy lens blur in one corner of the frame, but this is likely based on a copy to copy basis.

Color is a bit muted compared to the poppy look of many pictures these days, but if you like the very saturated look it easily be adjusted after the image is taken.

Big crop with minor, simple edits (slight sharpen and auto brightness)

Whether it’s an MTK kernel thing, or an Oukitel ROM thing, reviewing images shows the images intensely brightened. This is not the actual exposure, but a software attempt to lift shadows when reviewing; they are not actually saved brightened like this. The result is that your pictures are looking much better on other devices than when reviewing them on the K3 itself.

Indoor images are acceptable. It is capable of taking decent, sharp indoor shots; but, with fairly heavy noise typical of phones at this price point.

Notably, the K3 features a front camera which is also able to focus where you tap. This is very rare, if not nearly non-existent in mobiles at this price point. According to Oukitel, the front camera is also S5K3L8.

Images are acceptable for social media, and images of closeup objects are quite sharp. Take a look at the 100% crop of the cat’s face in this small gallery.

Note, all images are from the rear camera and all images in galleries are unedited other than resize and save at 85% jpg quality.

To see these images a bit sharper and compare them to other phones, take a look at our Flickr galleries (opens in new tab).

Oukitel K3 review battery charging

Moving on to part of what makes the K3 quite special for a phone of this price, it features a true quick charge battery, generally charging at 9.2V 2.0A (18.4W) for the vast majority of the charge. Thus, we get a fully charged battery within two hours.

This is a great addition to budget phones and means you can charge the K3 while having a meal or showering up and come back to a phone that will get most users through a full day.

Charging with a standard 5V 2A charger gives us charging at 5V 1.5A, which results in a four hour charge.

Additionally, the meter shows the battery to be a true 6000mAh battery, same as the K6000+. Thank you Oukitel for providing the 6000mAh battery as shown in the specs.

Notably, the K3, as with many other phones, continues to charge approximately an additional 10%. That is, after the phone hits 100%, it will continue to draw significant current (tested with phone off, and with the phone on) for another 500mAh or so. What this means is that if you want a fully saturated battery, leave it on the charger for an additional half hour or so and you should gain significant battery life.

Oukitel K3 review battery life screenon SOT time

On our 140lux/720p/WiFi/YouTube test the Oukitel K3 lasted just over 10 hours. A good result. This isn’t near the top scoring phones but should satisfy all users from light to heavy.

10H screenon 720P video

Oukitel K3 Antutu and Oukitel K3 Geekbench 4

The Oukitel K3 Antutu scored a total of 40710. This is sufficient for light gaming and powerful enough to play the latest 3D games, though with some lower framerates.

  • 3D: 7281
  • UX: 16175
  • CPU: 13032
  • RAM: 4222

The CPU test on Geekbench 4 gave us 649 for Single-Core and 2169 for Multi-Core.

Oukitel K3 review components

  • LED notification — can customize front flash as notifier with this excellent app
  • battery temp sensor — not working
  • external speaker — beyond adequate loudness
  • display — great. 1080P@5.5″. Very good saturation and viewing angles. Smooth
  • fingerprint sensor — about one second to scan in, which is slower than top-rated scanners, but no problem. scans in from deep sleep no problem. good accuracy; will benefit from scanning each individual finger more than once.
  • compass — present. Working without issue
  • gyroscope — present. Working without issue
  • linear acceleration — working without issue
  • accelerometer — working without issue
  • RAM — 4GB
  • ROM — 64GB (53GB usable)
  • OS — no major or minor bugs found. Play Store working without issue. Fast scrolling and slow scrolling without jitter and with appropriate acceleration/inertia and friction. Android 7.0. Nearly entirely AOSP Android.
  • OTG — tested and working without issue (tested  USB SD drive)
  • GPS — very good. Up to 2m accuracy, generally settling around 3-4m accuracy. Several satellites remaining at SNR mid-20’s to mid-30’s at all times.
  • WiFi — excellent. Maintains stable, generally fast internet at 144ft/44m.
  • 5GHz WiFi — supports 5GHz WiFi and working without issue
  • FM radio — working without issue

Importantly, Oukitel has included a compass and gyroscope. This is one of the first Oukitel phones to include these components.

Oukitel K3 OS

  • Android 7 Nougat
  • Generally smooth
  • AOSP vanilla Android style without skinning
  • Very smooth slow and fast scrolling with appropriate friction and acceleration
  • Camera image review brings us to Photos gallery instead of directly to the image

The OS at this time isn’t yet Google Certified, but I’ve been in contact with Oukitel and they have confirmed they are fast-tracking certification, so it will be coming soon. The Oukitel K6000+ has gone through the same process of initially not being certified, but an OTA came which updated to proper certification.

Oukitel K3 RAM+ROM

In addition to the true 6000mAh battery, the K3 also carries a big 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, of which 50GB+ is free for user apps, media, and data. The SIM tray allows for SD expansion, further increasing storage possibilities.

Oukitel K3 display

The display on the K3 is a Sharp brand 5.5″@1080P. Text is very smooth, white balance is great, color is well-saturated without going overboard, and color and contrast remain true from all normal viewing angles. A great display on the K3.

Maximum brightness at the center of the display with pure white comes in at a great 390lux (cd/m2). Minimum brightness on auto-brightness in the dark comes in at 1lux, just barely detectable.

Oukitel K3 summary conclusion

The corner blurring is most likely due to lens element decentering and likely based on a copy to copy basis. When showing a fellow reviewer he didn’t notice it until I pointed it out.

Additionally, the battery temp sensor isn’t working and there is a minor software bug which brings us to Google Photo Gallery instead of directly to review the image. I don’t find any of these to be deal breakers and I only mention them to be thorough.

The fast charging, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM, good GPS, excellent WiFi, true 6000mAh battery, included gyroscope, great display, very good build quality, and interesting design make the K3 a bargain at this price.

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Display - 9
SoC power - 7
ROM - 9
RAM - 9
Battery charging - 9
Battery life - 8
OS fluidity - 7.5
Camera - 7
GPS - 8
WiFi - 10
Component inclusion - 8
Style - 8.5
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